Butt Stock Pad

Butt Stock Pad

I loosened the pivot pin and rotated the arm until the adjustment screw was against the base, then tightened the pivot screw. I was really quite pleased with the results. Before installing the new pad, wrap the butt of the stock with at least two layers of mask ing tape to protect the finish. With the pad mounted onto the butt stock I scribed a line around the outer edge of the butt stock, and then I removed the pad.

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I have installed grind-to-fit recoil pads in the past with moderate success. I set the butt flat on a window sill so the end of the receiver was just touching the edge of the window frame. When I cut the stock I also cut off both mounting holes so I had to drill two new holes. The longer side of the pivot arm is facing the narrow end of the base.

Butt Stock Pad
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Buttstock replacement options: AK47/WASR

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Butt Stock Pad
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Butt Stock Pad
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Butt Stock Pad
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Butt Stock Pad
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Butt Stock Pad
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Butt Stock Pad
Butt Stock Pad
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Butt Stock Pad
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Butt Stock Pad
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Butt Stock Pad
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Butt Stock Pad
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Butt Stock Pad
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