Elastic Band Skirt

Elastic Band Skirt

Hope that makes sense! A simple tube of fabric attached right to some elastic. Thanks for the great source and tutorial. Even though I used a serger to finish off my edges, you can use a tight zig-zag stitch as well.

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I have 4 little girls all under the age of 5 this will very much come in handy!! If you are using a knit, how do you attach the elastic to the skirt without stretching the skirt too much? Even though this tutorial is for a child size skirt, do I follow the steps as is for an adult size skirt or is there something else that I should be aware of? I live in arizona and just want some to slip on.

Elastic Band Skirt
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Elastic Band Skirt {aka: the fastest skirt you’ll ever make}

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Elastic Band Skirt
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Elastic Band Skirt
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Elastic Band Skirt
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Elastic Band Skirt
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Elastic Band Skirt
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elastic band skirt

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Elastic Band Skirt
Elastic Band Skirt
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Elastic Band Skirt
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Elastic Band Skirt
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Elastic Band Skirt
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Elastic Band Skirt
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Elastic Band Skirt
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