Pot Smoking Parents

Pot Smoking Parents

You can wait to toke after your kid is in bed for the night, that's cool, but don't be high in front of them. I've never done it around her or when I've had to parent her afterwards. Candace Junkin is the founder and head of the International Women's Cannabis Conference, which works to share the voices of women and mothers for the legalization of marijuana.

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I think alcohol has the potential to much more harmful. My mom did that, too, and I successfully got her to quit when I was about I have this issue with cigarettes too.

Pot Smoking Parents
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Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know

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Pot Smoking Parents
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Pot Smoking Parents
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Pot Smoking Parents
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Pot Smoking Parents
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Parents Smoking Marijuana: The Effects

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Pot Smoking Parents
Pot Smoking Parents
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Pot Smoking Parents
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Pot for Parents

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Pot Smoking Parents
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Pot Smoking Parents
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Pot Smoking Parents
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Parents are Smoking Pot, but Should They?

Pot Smoking Parents
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