Hardcore Pro Wrestling

Hardcore Pro Wrestling

As time went on and new generations of competitors entered battle, the stakes were raised. Hardcore contrasts with traditional mat-based wrestling, where solid technical skills are preferred over hardcore's stuntworks, blood, sweat, gore, and severe shock value. Take a look behind the scenes with footage that has not been seen in nearly 20 years. For example, Street Fights and Bunkhouse Brawls which were highly popular feud-settling matches in NWA flagship Jim Crockett Promotions are hardcore-style matches which emphasize that wrestlers need not be in typical wrestling gear when they are battling, while the No Holds Barred match emphasizes the no-disqualification rule.

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Hardcore Pro Wrestling
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Hardcore Pro Wrestling
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Hardcore Pro Wrestling
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Hardcore Pro Wrestling
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Hardcore Pro Wrestling
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Hardcore Pro Wrestling
Hardcore Pro Wrestling
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Hardcore Pro Wrestling
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Hardcore wrestling

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Hardcore Pro Wrestling
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Hardcore Pro Wrestling
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Hardcore Pro Wrestling
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Hardcore Pro Wrestling
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Hardcore Pro Wrestling
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