Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car

Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car

Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. So, I let them hoes ride and I show them a grip But she blinded by the candy she can't see I'm a pimp When she told me I looked good I didn't feel no pride All the bitch wanted to do is just fuck my ride. Verified Artists All Artists: Oh yeah, I'ma tell it like it is, I sees how it goes down Niggaz talkin' 'bout, how they passin' these hoes 'round But y'all trickin', them hoes told me Fools y'all ain't Goldy, ridin' in a goodie but an oldie. Of myself, runnin up in beauty queens But let me tell y'all niggaz the difference between y'all and me You see, man I can tell all that bitch wanted to do Is just ride for free and smoke for free. Bitches tellin' me see yo' dick grand All she wanna do is ride Su-bur-ban Put her ass on the leather and rub the wood See we got boppers in Texas oh, man that pussy look good.

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I ain't showin out hoes Just so these hoes can be seen, c'mon you wanna fuck or cut? Now bitches stare a nigga down when he step to the bar They ain't trippin, on me, they wanna fuck my car But bitch who the fuck you think you are, by far They ain't trippin, on me, they wanna fuck my car.

Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
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Fuck My Car

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Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
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Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
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Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
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Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
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Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
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Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
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Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
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Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
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Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
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Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
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Hoes Wanna Fuck My Car
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Fluorescence at 08.12.2017 at 14:51
Does anyone have any ideas how to find him, like where he lives, or some way where I could trick him and meet him, so I would know who he is??? It's a very sensitive matter, and has to do with someone in my family, I just really need to find something.
Irena at 14.12.2017 at 07:34
Yes, they are very different things. "In love" is the first few heady months of excitement, adrenaline, and nonstop desire, the sense that you can't eat or sleep or function without the other person. It's infatuation on steroids.
Tanrec at 24.12.2017 at 21:22
I will not break-up with my bf because I cheated. No. He will never know. This secret I will take to my grave, no matter what it cost me. You guys keep saying that he needs to know the truth. Well, guess what happened to me when I knew the truth? I WAS SUICIDAL. Some truths are better hidden. This particular truth will not benefit him.
Preshrunk at 28.12.2017 at 17:32
Hi.I feel bad.I barely respond.long story short.sick of lies.don't say hi much..but the forums.so I have been playing around on this site for a little while now..and through my experiences.
Mopboard at 05.01.2018 at 18:53
I relocated for my husband BUT I only moved across state lines and back to the area I was originally from anyway so I had local family and friends already...not the best example . Still, I was in mid-career change and had no kids at the time so I was flexible, I loved to travel, I would have moved a lot farther for him and tried on a whole new life. I love the adventure of that kind of move, personally. You are established in your field and anchored by a child, your not being open to relocation is perfectly understandable.
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