Optical Illusions Toys

Optical Illusions Toys

Wide and Long Puzzle This optical illusion has appeared in various books in recent years, but here it is as a wooden hand made demonstration! Touch both of the metal strips on the weighted bottom, however, and a circuit closes, making the ball flash red and moan eerie electronic sounds. Remote control comes with a battery but you'll need 3 "AAA" batteries to run the moon. We'll pick 1 of 3 diffraction patterns inside 1 of 6 heavy cardboard frames: Here is some text. Grand Illusions has commissioned this

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We'll pick 2 different kaleidoscopes for you. Fiber Optic Fingers They'll call you rainbow fingers when you have this pack of 4 LEDs attached to elastic rings with 3" long fiber optic bundles on the front.

Optical Illusions Toys
Silicone Bracelet Machine
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Optical Illusions Toys
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Optical Illusions Toys
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Optical Illusions Toys
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Optical Illusions Toys
Smoking Kills Video
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Optical Illusions Toys
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Unusual, hard to find toys - magnets, optical illusions and much more...!

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Optical Illusions Toys
Optical Illusions Toys
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Optical Illusions Toys
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Optical Illusions

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Optical Illusions Toys
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Optical Illusions Toys
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Optical Illusions Toys
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Optical illusion Science

Optical Illusions Toys
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