Wana Be My Girl

Wana Be My Girl

Show her you're dependable. Lyrics taken from http: Use these comments to express your feelings:. I think, to be fair to me and not you, because it'll be in time to come, I think I would love to love you.

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Post my meaning Write my explanation new To explain lyrics, select line or word and click "Explain". Then the question you should ask her, in total discretion no, no. Sign up or log in with. I like a girl but I've a girlfriend.

Wana Be My Girl
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Wana Be My Girl
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Wana Be My Girl
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Wana Be My Girl
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Wana Be My Girl
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Wana Be My Girl
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Wana Be My Girl
Wana Be My Girl
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Wana Be My Girl
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Are You Gonna Be My Girl

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Wana Be My Girl
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Wana Be My Girl
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Wana Be My Girl
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Wana Be My Girl
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If she goes, break up with her. This is coming from a girl's perspective... no girl in their right mind would spend that money/time going to see a "friend"... ESPECIALLY when she hasn't seen her own bf in forever. I go crazy when I don't see my boyfriend for a while or if we don't get to spend quality time together, even if it's just hanging out watching movies...
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