Learning About Sex

Learning About Sex

And Learning About Sex newly released NCPTP study evaluating sex education programs found that education efforts that discuss contraception use do not hasten the onset of sex, increase the frequency of sex, nor increase the number of sexual partners among teens. Likewise, making condoms and other contraceptives available in schools does not hasten or increase sexual activity, the report concluded. In recognition of this, the organization urges parents to engage their children "early and often in discussions of sexlove, relationshipsand values. As a presidential candidate, George W. But it may be one of the most important steps they can take to protect them. So is the drop in teen pregnancies due to fewer adolescents having sex or to better contraception use among those who are sexually active?

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Green, have helped to give the abstinence movement a certain cachet among the young. You have to create an environment where your kids feel comfortable coming to you when they need answers, and that means keeping things open from the time your kids are old enough to understand. Sanden calls the debate over abstinence vs. A report from the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the nation's largest nonprofit organization studying reproductive health, suggests three-fourths of the recent decline in pregnancies among teens is due to better contraceptive use and only one-fourth is due to abstinence.

Learning About Sex
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Without comprehensive sex education, porn is the only solid information kids are getting about sex.

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Learning About Sex
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Learning About Sex
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Learning About Sex
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Learning About Sex
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Learning About Sex Series

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Learning About Sex
Learning About Sex
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Learning About Sex
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Where Do Kids Learn About Sex?

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Learning About Sex
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Learning About Sex
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Learning About Sex
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Learning About Sex
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Learning About Sex
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