Dumped Immense Immensity

Dumped Immense Immensity

It was an expression that was used in the Nicene Creed by those who were associated in the controversy over Athanasius and between Athanasius and Arius over the question of the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. And so the existence of the Father is from himself. Now, very quickly we discussed simplicity. Hegel has had within his system aspects of pantheism. He does not grow in knowledge.

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How is it that this rude people, just escaping from the bondage and degradation of slavery, reveal to the ancient world and to us a sublime of theology then the theology of the porch or of the lyceum of Aristotle or of the academy a theology that is sublimer than any ancient leading philosophers ever dreamed of? We read near the end of it, little children keep yourselves from idols.

Dumped Immense Immensity
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Dumped Immense Immensity
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Attributes of God, part V (The Immensity and Omnipresence of God)

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Dumped Immense Immensity
Dumped Immense Immensity
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Dumped Immense Immensity
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Dumped Immense Immensity
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Dumped Immense Immensity
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Dumped Immense Immensity
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Dumped Immense Immensity
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Dumped Immense Immensity
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