Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out

Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out

And yet the Republicans who very nearly shoved us over the ledge are prancing around as if their collective Reaganomics don't stink. Fade out the roaring crowds at Grant Park. Very few of us were confident of an Obama victory at the time.

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The president's "I won" remark indicates that there's a limit to both his benevolence and his tolerance for Republican silly season hackery. His process with the Republicans is all about attaining some civility in the tone of the debate -- not caving. All told, more than 81 different mentions of the totally unreal report.

Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out
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Obama to His Base: Chill the F--- Out

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Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out
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Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out
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Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out
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Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out
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Obama Versus the Republicans: Chill Out, He's Got This

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Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out
Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out
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Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out
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Barack Obama: Chill The Fuck Out, I Got This!

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Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out
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Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out
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Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out
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Obama Everyone Chill The Fuck Out
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