Tiny Penis Laugh

Tiny Penis Laugh

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Tiny Penis Laugh
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Tiny Penis Laugh
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Tiny Penis Laugh
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Tiny Penis Laugh
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Tiny Penis Laugh
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Tiny Penis Laugh
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Tiny Penis Laugh
Tiny Penis Laugh
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Tiny Penis Laugh
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Tiny Penis Laugh
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Tiny Penis Laugh
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Tiny Penis Laugh
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Tiny Penis Laugh
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Tiny Penis Laugh
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You can be sexually attracted to someone and even flirt with them (I mean in a playful way, of course, not seriously) and still just be friends. In fact, I think that's the norm when you are friends with the opposite sex, and it's what I see in most of my friends' opposite sex friendships. This is normal and natural, and doesn't mean that anyone actually wants to be in a relationship with the other, or even to have sex with them. I mean, it's a perfectly natural reaction to be attracted to the opposite sex, even if they're just a friend, and any flirting is a normal and healthy way to release any underlying tension. It's not like flirting with someone you are trying to actually get. I call it "playful" flirting, as opposed to "serious" flirting, and I see nothing wrong with it, tbh.
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