Homemade Fat Suit

Homemade Fat Suit

Then add the raisins and process for another minute. I must stress these need to be on the outside of the pillow to create the look! I was thinking the same thing! You don't have to put this in if you would prefer to not be restricted in this way but I feel it's more realistic. I use beef suet from the grocery store; freeze it then melt in large pot; add extra crunchy peanut butter bought on sale and Homemade Fat Suit seed — no sugar or honey or raisins — got too many squirrels — I put cooled mixture in the round black plastic containers some cheese spread comes in and put them in the freezer for use as needed — my birds love them!!! Also, we edit faces out for privacy so if you can do that yourself it would be very helpful.

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The blanket is in theory folded in half between your legs so make sure there is enough fabric to cover your whole legs as you stand. Mix all ingredients and pour into a greased 9-inch square pan. There is no salt or add ins in it. Make a suet feeder that the birds have to eat hanging from the bottom of the feeder.

Homemade Fat Suit
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Homemade Fat Suit
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Homemade Fat Suit
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Homemade Fat Suit
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Homemade Fat Suit
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Homemade Fat Suit
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Making a fat suit

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Homemade Fat Suit
Homemade Fat Suit
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Homemade Fat Suit
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Homemade Fat Suit
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Homemade Fat Suit
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Homemade Fat Suit
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Homemade Fat Suit
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Homemade Fat Suit
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