Otk Hairbrush Spanking

Otk Hairbrush Spanking

She will have a lot to reflect on as she tries to go to sleep. The Bedtime Spanking Tonight, this young lady is being tucked in by dad in a manner that was long overdue. He knows the only way she is really going to learn a real lesson is that if she is sent out for the night with her bottom nice and bruised. Both sisters are going to have a very difficult time sleeping tonight.

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He wastes no time and gets to work with the heavy brush. She will have a lot to reflect on as she tries to go to sleep. This bedtime spanking is far different than their normal spankings. There are times in which corporal punishment is required.

Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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PHOTO CREDIT: http://corporalpunishmentblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/older-teen-paddled-at-home-by-mom-and-dad-hairbrush-spanking-and-wooden-spoon-5.jpg

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Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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Otk Hairbrush Spanking
Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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Otk Hairbrush Spanking
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