Letch Water Today

Letch Water Today

Many of the trails in the park today are based on actual Seneca trails, which were used for river access. His efforts helped to transform the area into the tranquil, yet accessible natural area it is today. In the winter and early spring, the collection stations may not be manned and entry is free.

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The river gorge cuts through the valley yielding three major waterfalls within and multiple cascades emptying into the ravine as well as plenty of scenic magnificence and white-water thrills. The coffees ready and all our lovely traders are waiting to serve you with beautiful local produce! Water levels in the early spring may flood some gorge trails.

Letch Water Today
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Letchworth State Park and Campground

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Letch Water Today
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Letch Water Today
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Letch Water Today
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Letch Water Today
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Letch Water Today
Letch Water Today
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Letch Water Today
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Letch Water Today
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Letch Water Today
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Letch Water Today
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Letch Water Today
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Letch Water Today
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