Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup

Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup

And because of nutrition science, our government allows dishonesty in labeling. Not sell the agrents processors etc. So, I stopped drinking it. I grind my own beans, but my husband drinks an organic blend that is not available in whole bean.

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And those are safe? Other cultures frequently consume bugs as standard fare. Of all the bugs in the world, I have to say that cockroaches are the yuckiest ever!

Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup
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Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup
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Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup
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Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup
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Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup
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Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup
Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup
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Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup
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Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup
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Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup
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Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup
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Ceramic Cockroach Inside Coffee Cup
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